Tuesday 15 March 2016

Tumblr Loving

Hello fellow humans! here's some photos i've collected from my tumblr thought i would share some inspo , just so i dont get in trouble these photos i didn't take myself and they do not belong to me so am not trying to pass them off as my own.  

Thursday 3 March 2016


Hey there ,
So here's a few things I've chosen, the list is endless but I managed to narrow it down otherwise we'll be here foreverrr. Hope we share the same taste by chance if we do, I've listed the items down below and linked them directly to the websites. Have a little gander and treat yourself, hope you enjoy am trying to stick to doing more wishlists as the seasons go on.

P.S. this took forever and i am now a beginner user of Photoshop thanks to the boyf men are useful after all i guess ! x

Saturday 20 February 2016

Welcome to my naked family

Am Naked Don't Look ; )

I've been wanting a naked pallet for the longest time but I just couldn't bring my self to pay that the amount for an eye shadow pallet , I was very lucky over the Christmas period to get not ONE but TWO pallets. One being for my lovely boyfriend and one from my best friend , after banging on about it to them both and my family guess it paid off so ladies if you want something never give up just keep nagging it works !!

 Number One ! So this there first pallet , being the first one that they made I believe.  I love the packing of this pallet the brown and the logo being gold on the cover makes it stand out and also the feel of it is really soft. I must say am not great at applying eye shadow so this probably was the wrong way to go by getting a pricey pallet to start off with but i feel like its worked well in my favour. It include matte colours to start off with as a base those being 'buck' and ' naked'  then you have to add a little of  bit shimmer to finish up with if you were wanting a simple look and also some experimental colours if you wanted a dramatic effect. Alot of the colours are very pigmented and transfer great on your eyelid so if you want a pallet with classic golds and pearl colours this the one.

Number 2 !  same again packaging is great,  this one is more of a tin feel and I do like the colours. I carry this around with me sometimes I have notice a few dint's in it so if you need to carry it,   its best getting the travel size one (they do a smaller version of this pallet that includes a few basic colours and also the colour 'blackout' if  you wanted a smokey look). Also the packing for the smaller one is more of a plastic feel so no dints here honey, I do have the smaller one also but didn't take any pictures and some colours have been lost along the way so it wouldn't look great. Back to the main topic so I feel like this one is very much of a more natural everyday look it doesn't really have any bold colours minus the black one which by they way is VERY pigmented and works well when doing a smokey eye so you literally only need a little bit. It does have a few matte colours 'tease' and 'foxy' and the rest again very shiny.

 BRONZE FOR THE GODS ! This I just recently purchased and honestly my new favourite, on the day i wanted a different colour that they did called Luminous but they didn't have it in stock and I ended up getting this one called Aura. Its one of three part of there highlighting collection,  it works very well on my complexion and lasts all day. the more you put on obviously the more the dramatic the look is. It has a gold under tone and you get a subtle tone of pinks come through I should have done a swatch but cut me some slack please sorry next time ladies or men (if I've still kept you interested by this point good for you lol). I love that it comes in a cute box easy to carry around with you, i hate carrying around loose make up in my handbag and it also comes with a highlighting brush in a shape on a fan that has is own compartment in the box beneath the highlighter so you don't even need to worry about needing to carrying one with you.

Now lets all enjoy the rest of the pictures i took, i added a rose to make it look all bloggy like enjoy !

 Hey Hand !

Here is the fan if you wanted to see

Thursday 18 February 2016

Interailing Summer 2014

First stop France !! I was very lucky enough to go interailing with  my friends in 2014, honestly it was the most challenging and greatest experiencecame back very poor i must admit but it was all worth it in the end. I learnt so much about my self met so many great and memorable people that i will never forget. so anyways moving on to France, our first stop was in Paris which is the only place that we visited whilst we were there. I had such high exceptions as it was our first stop and my first ever holiday just me my friends and no parents, i had my own images of France being as beautiful as you see in movies and to tell you the truth it was. We managed to see some of the main tourist areas such as the Eiffel tower , the Brasicilca of Sacre-Coeu ,  the Arc de Triomphe. The food was great , the weather was great and the people were great so really all in all 10/10 !

                      Climbing up the hill to get to the Brasicilca

                          The Brasicilca of Sacre-Coeu ,

Outside The Louvre

Next Stop Amsterdam ! am not going to keep waffling on about how this went in every place and explain my experiences in those places i will just post a few lines and let the images do the talking i must say i worked my camera well and got some beautiful shots so people you better appreciate ! 

I am in this photo you see that black girl in the middle with the white skirt that would be she !

Legit ! mostly everyone was on a bike hardly saw any cars

Me on a bike skirt was too short i remember my thighs rubbing every time i peddled ( TMI)

Next Stop Berlin ! we also saw Belgium for about an hour and got a Belgium waffle but i have no documentation of it and also saw a bread vending machine YES bread 

                                                                   Berlin wall and me, 

         Watched Germany get to the quarter-finals in the park with fellow fans ,

This is the day i watched my deodorant over heat under my armpits and watch it bubble it was so blooming hot i couldn't hack it being African i should but it was too much , 

Next Stop Italy ! This is was the only place we traveled and went to 3 different location, we visited Rome, Venice and Florence. My personal favourite was Venice it was breath taking

 This was pretty beautiful if i must say , want to mention what it was called but to be honest have                                                                              no clue,

                              boat taxi, known as the local uber,

beautiful open stairs

Just popped in to see the big man but wasn't aloud because were female jks i had a short dress on ,

             This was in Rome if you haven't already guessed, The Colosseum 

The architecture was so good catching on camera , 

Last but not least in Italy the beautiful Florence ! When i say it took all my strength to walk up this hill best believe it took ALL my strength. Looking at the picture it was so worth it the view was unreal it looks like a painting right ? Its just yet again my great camera skills,

Last stop Greece ! Right guys so to get here we had to take a boat, in my head i was thinking titanic kind of thing not the rose and jack bit or sinking god forbid as in the luxury part but of course it wasn't that we had to sit in a massive room and sleep on cinema designed chairs. I was okay with that my friends were with me but i snore really LOUD and the room was packed i was scared to fall asleep but yolo i did anyway when i woke up there was a girl opposite me holding both her ears shut fast asleep 

      Boat View , the clearest blue water i have ever seen and i saw a turtle it was cute !


Another hill Another challenge but that view 

Ended the trip well with beach days look at all those sexy bodys